Ripped pants/Poderane gaće

For carnival, instead of classic donuts, we enjoy just like in childhood in Slavonija (Croatia) – ”Ripped pants”. This old cake, as story says, was reserved for very poor people in Slavonija. It was made only from flour, water or milk, sometimes egg and was served with sugar and jam. They are famous today because […]


Salenjaci/Pig leaf lard puff pastry

Salenjaci…fragrant, soft, warm, sugary and suprisingly not greasy when you eat them….pastries with a thousand leaves. It will be forever a piece of nostalgia of childhood times and traditional food from our raise a huge smile on my face when I hear the name Salenjaci. For me it is a picture of mini me, cold […]


Spelt bread/Kruh od pira

How much joy can bring to you just looking at this homemade goodness :). The most important adventage of baking and eating sourdough bread is that you can eat it as much as you like without fear to have any stomach pain 🙂 And you can free bake two at once – just slice it, […]