Spaghetti Milanese

Do you have your favorite italian restaurant? Do you loooove Pasta? Do you like Fast & Furious 30min dishes? YES, YES and YES? Well, you are at the right place my dear! Here we are at Inga’s Spaghetti Milanese! I am crazy in love with all pasta dishes and I like from very few ingredients […]


Spinat-Ricotta Conchiglioni/Conchiglioni punjeni špinatom i ricottom

Auflaufform 20x20cm oder 25x15cm Zutaten: 90g Muschelnudeln (Conchiglioni) Salz, Pfeffer 2 Knoblauchzehen 1 rote Zwiebel 150g Babyspinat 2EL Sonnenblumenöl 200g Ricotta 20g geriebener Parmesan 400g stückige Tomaten (Tetra Pack oder Dose) ½ Kugel Mozzarella (ca.60g) Zubereitung: Den Ofen auf 220 vorheizen. Nudeln nach Packungsanleitung in Salzwasser bissfest garen. Abgießen, kalt abschrecken und gut abtropfen lassen. […]


Colorful Ravioli/Dvobojni Ravioli

To make this beautiful, colorful pasta you will need little bit more time. But the eye catching pasta at the plate is worth every single minute. Using beetroot you are not going to lose bright red color after cooking, and I would suggest to serve it only with aromatic brown butter for nut taste and […]


Aglio e Olio con Scampi

I am really in love with Italian kitchen. Pasta, pasta and only pasta….parsley, and cherry tomatoes. Homemade olive oil and garlic….and if you love chili and shrimps…Of Course, I am talking about The Classic of every proud Italian human being, and two years ago one proud girl from Slavonia – Aglio e Olio! At the […]


Black Magic Tortellini

No need to say a word…just enjoy Applesauce: Apple, butter, sugar, honey, cinnamon sticks, thyme, wine, apple juice Apple peel and cut into small cubes, if you do not fry them immediately, put them in cold water (apple are fast dark). In the pan, Melt the butter in the pan, put apple in it, and […]