70 g Butter 1 Ei 75 g Zucker 250 g Mehl ½ Backpulver 125 g Magerquark 70 g Mandeln (gehackt) 120 g Cranberry (eine Nacht in Rum eingelegt) 50 g Zitronat (klein gehackt) 50 g Orangnat (klein gehackt) Zucker, Butter und Ei 2-3 Minuten verrühren. Vermischen mit andere Zutaten. Eine Laibe formen, auf das mit Backpapier […]



I would call it the fat brother of crepe :)…not as it is lots of fat in it, but as it is dick, soft, fluffy and really delicious, almost made like crapes. Simple melted in your mouth. Everybody knows this story about Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian classic, so I am not going to repeat it. But just want […]


Cashew nuts Rolls / Rolice s indijskim orasima

Is there more beautiful winter spirit as smell of fresh lemon and orange zest, ground cinnamon and nutmeg in sweet dough? Sticky fingers and warm rolls coated with mixture of lemon, powder sugar and water? Rosehip marmalade is great with nutmeg and cinnamon in this sweet, smelly and aromatic dough. Of course you can use […]


Banana bread/Slatki kruh s bananama

When your guests are at the door and you have just bananas and 1 hour of your time….bake this beautiful sweet bread…. 300 g whole grain flour 50 g brown sugar 1 baking powder 1 egg 3 bananas 10 semi-dried apricots rum (for apricots) salt cinnamon vanilla stick 3 tbs oil 100 g finely chopped dark […]