Prije nešto više od dva mjeseca posjetila sam jedan tečaj izrade Sushija. Tada sam i po prvi puta probala osnovne verzije i prije svega iznenadila se prilično neutralnom okusu (makirolls, norirolls, california rolls). Što zapravo odlično pokazuje način ishrane u Japanu, zdrava, jednostavna hrana puna ribe i ribljih specijaliteta, lagana, niskokalorična. Rekla bih da poseban […]


Ciabatta sandwich with Chorizo/Ciabatta sendvič sa Chorizo

For all those who need little bit more, there is spicy sourdough Ciabatta sandwich with delicious Chorizo, domestic garlic, homemade semi-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and….just follow recipe 🙂 How to make sourdough Ciabatta, have a look at: Ingredients for Ciabatta sendwich: 1 Ciabatta Feld salad Young, green onion (cut in rings) Chorizo sausage Kalamata […]


Pumpernickel canapes/Pumpernickel sitni zalogaji

Pumpernickel bread is traditional German bread with very dark brown, almost black, with a heavy, coarse, dense texture and almost no crust. The taste is slightly sweet and slightly sour. Bread is made of at least 90 percent rye flour and / or whole grain rye with baking times of at least 16 hours… love […]


Rocket pesto/Pesto od rukole

When I think about making pesto, I see Bella Italia in front of me…and I love Italian food. The best of pesto is that you can make it fast, delicious and you can make hundreds of combination – pasta, gnocchi, risotto, finger food, bread, dip…you name it. Two flavors are most popular – basil pesto […]


Summer, colorful Bruschetta/Šarene ljetne Bruschette

Even small bread slices are big enough to carry on colorful gastro story….and in this rebellious team of bruschetta I did play with vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, honey, eggs….but the final touch gave three specific taste/color of breads (recipe: Sweet and rich taste of chestnut flour bread was perfectly match with dried ham, melon […]


Chessy Cheeseburger Zdenka / Cheeseburger Zdenka

This tasty, delicious veggie burger was made when I had holiday in my hometown Vinkovci. I was not very motivated to cook or bake because it was 40 C + (really hot summer), but I was inspired by cheese made by Croatian cheese manufacturer Zdenka. Although the offer of groceries in Vinkovci is not so […]



These Breadsticks are the right ones for all those who enjoy beer…combination of ham and parmesan just call for one more bottle of beer. From this recipe you are going to have ca. 30 Breadsticks. 350 g whole grain flour Baking powder Coarse salt with spices (thyme, rosemary…) Pepper 250 g fresh cow cheese 1 egg […]