Homemade Bread with Seeds/Domaći kruh sa sjemenkama

This delicious bread we did enjoy with fresh cheese, tomatoes salad and little bit of dried ham…but to be honest, homemade bread is delicious enough to be eaten on its own…enjoy it as well as we did. Ingredients: 500g whole grain flour Flax seeds (brown and golden) Chia seeds Sesame seeds 1 bag of dry yeast […]


Spring Flatbread with asparagus/Proljetna pogača sa šparogama

It is asparagus season…and very delicous are wild asparagus. Instead of classic – omelet with asparagus or asparagus with ham and hollandaise sauce, I decided to make simple but really tasty flatbread from black flour. And not to mention, fresh cherry tomatoes different colors, little pioppino mushrooms, homemade green mayo, feta cheese for extra juicy […]


Cracklings….the most greasy memories of my childhood/Čvarci…najmasnija sjećanja moga djetinjstva

Pork Cracklings….winter…every single human being in Slavonia is dreaming about it…..Slavonia’s brown Gold….snack….finger food…. when it start to crunch between your teeth, you roll your eyes in delight….you eat with one hand, with the other hand you stroke your belly …yum! And yes, it is one of many childhood recipes that you are going to […]