Manitoba Baquette

One of my favorite bread is Baquette. It reminds me on journeys, butter, cup of coffee, paper bag loosely wrapped around the baquette. Oooo yeah, and if it is Mom’s plum jam, a piece of cheese and a slice of ham around, I already have a vision of Eiffel Tower in front of me! This […]


Sourdough Brioche/Brioche s domaćim kvascem

Traditional French sweet bread Brioche, with its soft and fluffy texture, is something you need to treat yourself from time to time. Sweet buttery flavor with irresistible taste of vanilla and lemon, this is perfect Brioche. Do not be surprised for this small quantity of sugar in recipe, it is more than enough. You can […]


Sourdough toast bread/Toast kruh s domaćim kvascem

The best way to enjoy it…. My favorite combination for this delicious sourdough toast bred is butter and honey…. domestic, organic honey. But, great spreads are all variations with butter. I made herb butter and chili-olive oil butter. Simply mix butter well with mixer and add herbs or chili and olive oil. Wrap the butter in […]


Pumpkin buns/Peciva ”Tikvice”

Ingredients: 300g flour (150g type 00 + 150g whole grain white) 200g lukewarm water 100g active starter (I fed it before 3 times in 1 ½ days after 9 days in fridge) 1 tsp salt 1 tsp turmeric (ground)   Mix flour and water with wooden spoon and leave to rest 30 minutes (autolyse). Add […]


Spelt bread/Kruh od pira

How much joy can bring to you just looking at this homemade goodness :). The most important adventage of baking and eating sourdough bread is that you can eat it as much as you like without fear to have any stomach pain 🙂 And you can free bake two at once – just slice it, […]


Polenta bread/Kruh s palentom

This is one of Emmanuel Hadjiandreou recipe as well. I bake very oft from his book, his recipes are very good, but this time I made some changes. I add little bit more flour and less water because I found the dough too soft to work with it. Additional, I left dough to rest in […]