Grilled Asparagus salad/Salata s grilanim šparogama

Asparagus Saison is for me time for grilled salad and hollandaise sauce. Both are my favorite, but white asparagus are always with cooked potatoes and homemade hollandaise. Green on the other side are perfect shortly grilled on olive oil and butter, mixed with different green salad (baby spinach, rucola and field salad are my choice), […]


Riccota spinach dumplings/Riccota-špinat knedle

Few years ago I visited homemade pasta workshop led by fantastic Angela Zicaro. Apart from pasta, we made great Focaccia and learned a lot about Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. There and then I desperately fell in love at the first sight in Italian classic Aglio olio e Pepperoncino a la Angelo. Of course, Ricotta spinach […]


Chanterelles quiche/Quiche s lisičarkama

Chanterelles Saison is always great opportunity to prepare something simple but special. We like it with risotto or pasta, but Quiche with salad has its own elegance. And Chanterelles deserve to be served in this way. Make sure to fry onion slowly (not to have dark color, but nice and soft onions) and caramelize really […]


Couscous with codfish/Cous cous s bakalarom

For 4 persons: 400g couscous 400ml vegetable stock (or water) 1 yellow pepper 1 cucumber 4 tomatoes A handful of black olives Parsley Juice and zest from 1 lemon Salt and pepper as needed 1 soup spoon of olive oil 400 g codfish Rosemary, cherry tomatoes and 1 lime Mix couscous with hot vegetable stock […]