Colorful Falafel Plate / Šareni Falafel tanjur

Here is my Falafel plate, based on my view of taste of Arabic world. Precisely, only from small part of this welt that I met working in a hotel and having opportunity to work with my colleagues from this beautiful world. I fell in love with theirs simple but aromatic dishes, lots of fresh vegetables […]


Tabbouleh – Hummus – Flatbread

I did prepare this dish, with little changes, thanks to the lovely Mamma and Daughter from Blog I am really pleased to follow theirs Instagram because their photos are very natural and opens appetite thanks simple recipes and fresh ingredients. Their photos are real, ‘’no filter’’ photos, no matter is it about the moment […]


Tomatenmousse mit Basilikumpesto/Mousse od rajčica s pestom od bosiljka

Zutaten für Tomatanmousse: 100g Tomaten (ohne Haut, ohne Kerne), gewürfelt 40g Tomatenmark 50g Ketchup 35ml Gemüsebrühe 100g Sahne, steif geschlagen 3 Gelatineblätter Salz und Pfeffer Für den Basilikumpesto: 50g Basilikumblätter 50ml Olivenöl 40g Pinienkerne 40g Parmesan, gerieben 25g Knoblauch Für die Garnitur: Blattsalate nach Belieben Silikonform Halbkugel (ᴓ 8cm) oder kleine, runde Kaffeetassen gut einfetten. […]


Omelette with salmon and spinach/Omlet s lososom i špinatom

Ingredients: 4 egg whites Smoked salmon Spinach (fresh) Cherry tomatoes (different colors) Coarse ground pepper Deco: Sprouts, cherry tomatoes Wash tomatoes and cut to 1/6. Wash spinach and cut in wide stripes as well as smoked salmon. Melt the butter in omelette pan and cook shortly tomatoes and spinach. After approximately minute and a half […]


Melonen-Mix Obstsalat/Voćna salata od dinje i lubenice

Melonen-Mix Salat….für alle die das Obst als Dessert bevorzugen…. Zutaten: ½ Piel de Sapo Melone ½ Galia Melone ½ Cantaloupe Melone ½ Honig Melone Stück Wassermelone Minzblätter, 2-3 Erdbeere… Werkzeug für Obst schnitzen, Kugeln formen… -Kroatische version- Voćna salata od dinje i lubenice….za sve ljubitelje malo zdravijih recepata… Sastojci: ½ Piel de Sapo dinje ½ […]