Feeding Art

Cook, eat, dream, play.....Foodstory by Inga

Spargelpizza/Pizza sa šparogama

Spargelpizza mit Hollandaise sauce? Geht das? Ooooo ja, und es ist sehr, sehr lecker! Pizzateig: ( 2 Stück je ᴓ 30cm ) 300g Mehl 100-150ml lauwarmes Wasser 30 ml lauwarme Milch 30ml Olivenöl 15g frische Hefe 1TL Zucker Prise Salz Alles zusammen zu einem glattem Hefe- Teig verarbeiten. Zutaten für Spargelpizza: 500g weißer Spargel ( […]


Fruchtiger Müsli-Smoothie/Voćni-müsli smoothie

Fit in den Tag… Zutaten: 250g Erdbeeren 1 Banane 1 Orange ( nur Saft ) 250g Joghurt ( natur ) 50g Müsli 1 EL Honig Zimt Erdbeeren waschen und putzen. Banane schälen. Früchte in grobe Stücke schneiden und zusammen mit Saft und Müsli in einem Standmixer oder mit einem Pürierstab fein pürieren. Am besten sofort […]


Asparagus-Melon-Ham Salad/Salata sa šparogama, dinjom i šunkom

It is like springtime is inspiration for my sister Lily…she made second delicous and very attractive salad with asparagus and fruits…enjoy this asparagus season and stay fit and healthy 🙂 All you need: Asparagus, green Mix green salad Melon Prosciutto Crudo ham Parmesan cheese Raspberries Raspberries Vinaigrette Just make them work together: Peel green asparagus (only […]


Asparagus-Strawberries Salad/Salata sa šparogama i jagodama

Springtime…colors and smell of healthy dish…this delicious salad with fruits and asparagus, fruit vinaigrette and sprouts call for more…take a bite with me… Ingredients: Asparagus, green and white Melon Strawberries Goat’s cheese in rings Honey and thyme Fruit vinaigrette (orange-lemon) Peel green asparagus (only ¼) and cut hart lower part. Boil shortly in water with […]


Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce/Šparoge s Hollandaise umakom

This warm, satiny emulsion called hollandaise sauce, which is poured over the top of al dente cooked Asparagus is perfectly match with simply boiled small potatoes with little bit of olive oil and parsley. It’s often thought that silky hollandaise is something complicated, but it’s actually incredibly simple to make at home. Ingredients: Potatoes, small […]


Asparagus – Salmon Quiche /Quiche od šparoga i lososa

It is finally Asparagus time! We love them and use them for all different dishes. This time we did enjoy salads, classic hollandaise, pizza, baked asparagus and how you can see, delicous Asparagus-Salmon Quiche…let’s see how my sister made quiche… Tart dough – classic: 250g flour 170g butter 1 egg 1 egg yolk Salt Or you can […]


Do you eat French?/Može na francuski?

Onion is everyday’s ingredient when we are talking about cooking. And the finest in the cooking decided, let’s give onion its own dish. And be dish – Onion Soup! Simple to make and, but hard to cook it fine and tasty. Most of people use beef stock but I made chicken stock instead, and you […]


Semi-Dried Tomatoes/Polusušene rajčice

Two years ago I attended homemade pasta course by Italian Cook Angelo Zicaro who is the owner of Italienische mediterrane Kochschule and Restaurant ”Tiratardi” in Munich. It was great and I did learn a lot. As always, when teacher unselfishly shared his knowledge. Then and there, the Love at the first and the last taste […]


Black Magic Tortellini

No need to say a word…just enjoy Applesauce: Apple, butter, sugar, honey, cinnamon sticks, thyme, wine, apple juice Apple peel and cut into small cubes, if you do not fry them immediately, put them in cold water (apple are fast dark). In the pan, Melt the butter in the pan, put apple in it, and […]